Compliance is the backbone of Magellan Research Group. It is our goal to bring transparency and control to the fast paced exchange of knowledge.

Compliance Framework for Clients:
  • We enable each client to define their own set of unique Project Rules which establishes advisor eligibility for all projects. These project rules are embedded into our workflow technology and prohibit Consultants from being presented unless they pass these rules.
  • Our proprietary workflow technology helps bring full usage transparency by allowing compliance professionals to monitor their firms complete request activity.
  • Our framework includes a robust approval process that requires sign-off by a designated compliance team before a request is processed.
  • In addition to our Terms and Conditions that all Consultants agree to, our clients have the ability to add disclaimers and additional documentation to the process.
Compliance Protocol for Consultants:
  • Prior to connecting with our client base, each consultant must agree to a detailed set of Terms and Conditions, and any other Client specific questions mandatory for participation in their Requests.
  • Our Consultant community is also required to go through random tutorials on how to treat restricted information.
  • Prior to each interaction, our Consultants are screened on their eligibility to participate by a member of our Research Team.
Our Internal Policies:
  • Magellan Research Group invests in our employees with continuing education on compliance and confidentiality.
  • We require all employees to agree to a detailed set of documents on confidentiality, as we understand the sensitive information our clients confide in us.

To learn more about our Compliance Protocols, please contact us at (646) 736-1970 or via email at