• Asset Managers:

    MRG assists institutional investors with understanding key issues and headwinds around companies and industries they cover by connecting them with targeted industry advisors. In today’s competitive investment community, it is critical for Investment Analysts and Fund Managers to have the ability to jump up the learning curve of various business models, quickly. Magellan Research Group provides a flexible platform and high touch service that can handle multiple requests per client and arrange teleconferences with industry leaders in a very short time frame.

    We cater to various investment groups such as Long / Short Equity Hedge, Distressed Debt Investors, Business Development Corporations, Boutique Equity Research Firms, and Investment Banks.

  • Strategy Consultancies:

    Consulting firms are able to deepen their knowledge on a particular industry by interviewing various stakeholders in a market such as; Competitors, Customers, Distributors, Former Management, Industry Consultants, Former Regulators, and Independent Research Firms. Our service helps consulting firms sharpen their institutional knowledge and make better-informed recommendations to their client.

    Consultancies do not have the luxury of time to identify, engage and screen the large pool of prospective experts on a project. Magellan Research Group helps our clients focus on what is most important to them, while we do the legwork of connecting you with professionals we have personally identified and screened as relevant advisors. No project is too small or too large, as our team of research associates can easily adapt to scope changes and increased demand of contacts in real time.

  • Corporations:

    We connect Corporate Executives and Global Strategy Teams with industry professionals who can help them better evaluate their own market positioning and growth opportunities. The exchange of information comes in many forms, but our clients find that speaking with the ‘feet on the street’ is most impactful for knowing their marketplace. We provide a resource for corporations to test product ideas and market entry strategies amongst the leading stakeholders in that marketplace.

  • Private Equity:

    We help Private Equity & Venture Capital firms by introducing them to industry leaders who can help them validate their investment thesis and better understand industry economics throughout their due diligence process. From high-level strategy down to niche procurement cycles for products, we approach each request by thoroughly understanding our client’s project and finding those who hold such critical knowledge to bring them up to speed. Our highly skilled team of research associates are industry agnostic and able to connect with independent consultants from most regions of the world.

    We are able to arrange quarterly meetings with the most influential leaders in industries around the globe to help your firm stay in tune with the trends that are driving change. This service is becoming a standard deal origination tool in all bulge bracket investment funds around the world. Let us show you the depth of knowledge in industries you have been focusing on to help your investment team stay prepared and better informed.

    Aside from Due Diligence, we also assist our clients with active portfolio management services. Our skill to recruit top industry leaders also provides us the ability to introduce professionals who are well suited for full time consulting assignments and executive or board positions.